Personal Healing Work

One of the most common problems of modern society is alienation and loneliness. Other modern ills may include addictions, depression and anxiety. Using the proven principles handed down from countless generations, a shamanic healing can have profound impact on reordering priorities, creating new life trajectories, and filling your life with a profound sense of peace, happiness and fulfillment.

A “Healing Story” may be a part of this solution. Please follow the links on this site to find some of the stories I have brought to my clients and how they have been positively effected by them.

Other modalities could include compassionately removing unwanted spirits from your life, creating space that will allow you to be loved by others, or perhaps putting you in touch with your highest and best self. 

Space Clearing Work

What makes a particular house or restaurant especially friendly and inviting? Why does going into the basement after dark make me apprehensive or downright frightened? Why do I sense that Mom around when I go into a particular room?

One answer is that there are energies or spirits in those spaces that are lingering there, changing the feeling of the space. These spirits are not necessarily evil or malicious; they may have no interest in “haunting” and in fact may be incapable of doing so. But the fact remains that they are there, and their mere presence can create a sense of ill-ease, discomfort or trepidation.

By communicating with these entities, I encourage them to move on to a happier place. They may be trapped here by devices of their own creation. They may be merely lost or confused, looking for assistance to get them back on the right path. What ever the problem, putting them back on the right course heals the spirits and also heals my client who no longer feels frightened, ill at ease or apprehensive.


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