Since there were humans on this planet, we have wrestled with the same issues: What is my life about? Why am I here? Should I have a higher purpose? Does this person really love me? Why am I reliving the same mistakes over and over again? What must I do to feel more alive, connected and live as full and complete a life as possible?

Before the dawn of recorded history, no one like Freud or Jung existed to create a scientific construct that would help explain the human condition. Back in the days before scientific inquiry, people turned to their tribal shaman or priest. They helped those in need to help heal, work out these issues and find answers to some of their questions. The healers of that time had a special set of tools they used for healing.

Today, although we have the same problems, our society has become more complex and more diverse. The solutions that worked for an indigenous tribe in the Amazon 3,000 years ago may not be a viable solution for modern America. The solution is to take the knowledge of these ancient shamans and apply their principles to the same troubles plaguing modern society.

As a San Francisco based shamanic practitioner, this is what I have endeavored to do. I am not a licensed therapist; I have no degrees in psychology. But what I do have is a connection with the old tribal knowledge born from the experience of 10,000 generations, and a way to relate that knowledge to modern day personal problems.

If you are suffering from some of the issues listed above and believe that the ancient way of shamanic healing may be beneficial to you, I encourage you to contact me. I am happy to discuss with you shamanism and the healing process, and to demystify such concepts as soul retrieval, and power animals. I look forward to setting you on a new path, invigorated by new possibilities and purpose.

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