About Will: 

Will has been a shamanic practitioner for several decades and is an approved shamanic practitioner by Sandra Ingerman, one of his mentors:

Additionally, he is an ordained interfaith minister / chaplain and member of the Association of Professional Chaplains: He is Clergy in Good Standing and member of the board at the Chaplaincy Institute., an interfaith seminary and currently works at Coming Home Hospice, located in the Castro in San Francisco and a part of the Sutter Health system.

Because of his continuing interest in non-ordinary reality, he is a Certified Plant Medicine Integration Coach. . This program is based on trauma informed support and integration, steeped in the indigenous wisdom of the Americas and the responsible use of entheogenic plants. 

In 2023, he traveled deep into the rainforest and sat in ceremony with Ecuadorian shamans, learning about plant medicine from the indigenous peoples. Specifically the Achuar and Quichua peoples.

In 2023 and 2024, Will volunteered for over 400  hours at the San Francisco Night Ministry for their Crises Call Line. He answered calls concerning addiction, suicide, end of life, spousal abuse, abject poverty, mental illness and a host of other issues related to the trauma of life.

In 2017 he founded the San Francisco Drumming and Journey Circle. The circle met monthly and was active until the start of covid. At close, there were over 1000 people on the mailing list. Only word of mouth or free social media was used for promotion. The circle encouraged journeying to non-ordinary reality in order to receive answers about the pressing issues of life.

He has volunteered at the Buddhist Prison Ministry since October 2023 .

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